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Case 756577. GAS THALIA Servo Loop Preamplifier. Unit has damaged “OUTPUT” plug.

Technical design review.
Pluses- simplicity, build simple as possible. Minimum wires used in design . Servo loop channel method ( input signal controlled by output signal) realized in schematic. This method has own advantages and minuses. Some called it “over kill” and unnecessary, some – perfect and high performance support method. Elimination input electrolytic capacitor in signal path is questionable. Debates in process already for over 30 years. Still unique .
Low power unit use for functioning. Good detailed attention to phono input section.

Minuses- no ventilation holes, using no soldering contacts on major transistors ( oxidation )
Power supply filter capacitors installed close to heat emitting heat sink ( heat destroy electrolytic ), not shielded balance pot wires.