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Case 456781. 02.13.2023. MA5002 Soundcraftsmen amplifier. Unit in protection mode.

Technical review . This type of “high-end audio equipment” not worth even to spend time on it. After opening top cover – first impression was – couple drunk plumber guys in bar tried to design audio amplifier. They tried hard , but final product by the end appears as something between kitchen microwave and washing machine. Big mix of cheap electronic components and wires in metal case. Low quality unit , will not last long time, overrated .Missing idea, cheap engineering style , cheap components , wires design from microwave, inter-sectional wires quality from pinball machine, sound parameters way out of they promise and more and more…

Pluses- can be used as a heavy lifting object in gym. Can be used for training purpose in technical schools in section ” Worst case scenario”.
Minuses – everything.