Provo Electronics



Vintage HIFI audio repair and service company in Washington state. We offer service , repair , refurbish and restoration for vintage audio HI-FI audiophiles and professional audio equipment. Brand names  – Mcintosh, Yamaha, Linn ,Pioneer, Fender,  Kenwood, Teletronix, Urei ,Sansui , Marantz , Mark Levinson , Leak, Conrad Johnson, Audio research , Phase Linear,  Harmon Kardon , Nakamichi, Sonic Frontier ,Krell , Sony , Accuphase ,Tandberg,  Mesa Boogie  and others.   Solid state and vacuum tube HI-FI audio equipment.  Vintage  and modern audio gears.  We offer mail-in repair and restoration  service on out of state orders  by mail.  HI-FI audio , arcade games  in home repair service available.