Provo Electronics



Vintage HIFI audio repair and service company in Fife ,Washington state. We do service , repair , refurbish and restoration for vintage audio HI-FI audiophiles  gears and arcade game machines . We sell parts and components also. We do authorized repair service on HI-FI brands – Mcintosh, Yamaha, Linn ,Pioneer, Fender,  Kenwood, Teletronix, Urei ,Sansui , Marantz , Mark Levinson , Leak, Sherwood, Phase Linear, Harmon Kardon , Nakamichi, Sonic Frontier ,Krell , Sony , Accuphase ,Tandberg,  Mesa Boogie  and others.   Solid state and vacuum tube HI-FI audio equipment.  Vintage  and modern audio gears.  We have free shipping in USA on all components and parts we sell.   We do repair and restoration service on out of state orders  by mail.  HI-FI audio , arcade games  in home repair service available.